Monday, 25 June 2007


would like to thank all organisations, and friends who are trying so hard for the release of brendan dixon and patrick docherty.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Crucial Key Witnesses Not Called At Trial

free the killie 2 witnesses not called: acquaintances of brendan's neither preconised nor sited.essentially brendan's previous legal representatives decided that the testimony these witnesses might have to offer was not important. brendan on the other hand believed and still believe, that their evidence as to his whereabouts and demeanour on sunday 28th september, 2003 would flatly contradict the evidence as to my behaviour on that morning offered by lee sheville. at the time both these witnesses contacted the police but the police never took a statement from them, evidence to be challenged: toni wallace: omitted an important fact.two visitors called at her house on sunday 28th september, 2003 toni stated that brendan remained in her house until 5pm on that sunday.yet brendan was watching, with lee, from the green bridge, whilst the visitors were indoors with toni. neither lee nor toni mentioned the visitors presence when interviewed or during the course of their evidence. the visitors were in the house when i was supposedly in the house.i returned to the house after the visitors had departed.shortly thereafter brendan and another person left, leaving lee and toni. their evidence against brendan was not strictly accurate. this is a poem sent to paddy hill, from a girl called:sarah hardy
for so long you have been crying out.
unlike liberty, dignity cannot be denied.
at times it must feel that no one is on your side.
is it because they cannot hear, or will they just not listen?
for so long, injustice has been triumphant,
while staring them in the face have been six innocent men.
when will this nightmare end? they use the word justice.
this cannot be. if justice had been declared you would be free.
There are many unsolved murders in scotland ,there are many innocent men and women in scottish prisons.
Free them all now SNP

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Some Very Important Details

Some other points of the free the killie 2 case evidence given in court
1:witness Martin Robertson stated in Court. A: he needed his glasses to read his statement. Martin does not wear glasses. b:he said the only reason he gave a statement was to get out on bail.
2: witness Hayden McGonigle was proven in court to have lied. he claimed to have met Patrick Docherty and had a conversation with him, he said Patrick had his hair dyed, he asked what is with the hair pat? pat replied DNA you know. Patrick was in police custody when this conversation was alleged to have taken place.
3: Witness Edward O' brien stated he spoke to Patrick in a back street and that Patrick was looking pale and dodgy.
4: Witness Joseph Leaper stated in court: that Brendan admitted that he was in Mrs Irvine's home, however he did not have time to rob Mrs Irvine because he had to runaway to go and argue with his ex-girlfriend, however there were other witnesses present to say that this conversation did not take place, However,they were not called to court and their evidence was not Heard.
5: Witness Andrew Hay stated in court that he heard that Patrick Docherty, Colin Miller and another man had committed the robbery. He said Patrick was up stairs trying to bite the rings off Mrs Irvine's fingers. Patrick was making too much noise, Colin miller shouted wait and i will show you what to do. It was proven in court that Mrs Irvine's fingers had not been bitten. It was also proven that Patrick Docherty has got false teeth.
Surely if true then this would have left Forensic Evidence like Saliva?
6: Witness Patricia Greening a patient from Crosshouse Hospital stated in court: That she met Brendan in the hospital while he took time out because his mother was dying from cancer, and he had spilt up with his girlfriend. Ms Greening said that Brendan told her he had stabbed someone “17 Times” The prosecution said take away the “17 times” and a murder has been Committed.
7: There were many witnesses not called to court who could have cleared Brendan and Patrick. Why Weren't they Called?
8: Many of the witnesses above had been brought from police custody to give evidence.
Free the killie2 and all the innocent Men and Women in Brittish Prisons. And give William Beck a fair appeal.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Freethekillie2 Some Proven Facts

some points of the killie 2 case
1:both brendan and patrick were willing to take the witness stand.
2:colin miller did not take the witness stand to give evidence against brendan and patrick. 3:they were never seen together in the small village of hurlford.
4:they were never in prison for the same crime.
5:mrs paton knew miller because he used her garden as a short cut (which brings you out at mrs irvine's house)
6: every statement brendan and patrick gave remained the same while colin miller gave numerous different statements to police.
THE BIRMINGHAM FRAMEWORK by fr denis faul & fr raymond murray 1976
although we've done nothing wrong the police are to blame they've slandered our families they've brought on us shame our wives are all weeping our homes are in ruin our mothers are crying our sisters the same they've spat on our children what a crying shame the things we've put up with the torture the pain and if they convict us and our prayers were in vain i'll still pray and forgive them in god's holy name WILLIAM POWER free the killie 2 and all innocent men and women in british prisons.