Saturday, 2 February 2008

privy council

is it me or is our justice system corrupt?

you scratch my back i scratch yours and who care if its the wrong person going down for it.

systematic abuse of trust i would say.

the case of mr mair from aberdeen.
you decide if it has links to any other murders in east ayrshire.

Mr Carswell was found in blackpool.
where a witness from the killie 2 trial vanished to after the trial of brendan and patrick.

mr mairs dog was found wandering about galston where it had been dumped!

some info from galston

did you know mrs irvines house was robbed b4 and it was a guy named brendan aswell he stays in greenock but his sister marion runs the bucks head in galston after that brendan moved bk to greenock as charlie was goin to do him in , also after the murder off the guy in aberdeen there was a lot off talk that mrs irvine and that muder were so much alike with things that were done to the guy and also mrs irvine the person that comitted that murder was a dreghorn male and his girlfriend jane ann mcburnie who is from galston if you get the chance read up on this murder there are so many things that are alike , also the mankie mob were out buying herion addicts faulse teeth and buyin clothes for court so they didnt look like false witnessess i hope this help if not at least you know a wee bit more now

and some more.

oh ment to say another name that stings to mind is stephen rankin he was involved with that aberdeen murder you prob memba it as there was a bit they were trying to kidnapp a councilour as well.

yes gully he is a skitso yes brendan is irish that stephen stays in newmilns.

and there are more and more people in galston who know that two innocent men are behind bars while a killer or killers walk the streets.

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